Harriers succeed at the Wessex XC League

Well done to all the Harriers and Yeovil athletes. Headlines:

Wells City Harriers came away with a string of individual and team medals and awards following the last of the seasonís Wessex League matches, held near Wimborne in Dorset. The final positions were based on the best 5 performances, out of 6, for teams, and best 4 performances, out of 6 for individuals. Over 20 Clubs have competed in the League over the period since October.

In the team standings, the Harrierís Senior Womenís team were crowned overall League Champions, and Ann Taswell, Tracey Halliday and Becky Lee were on hand to collect the trophy, on behalf of team mates. There were also a number of runners up medals for various Harrier teams including the Under 13 boyís team, mainly consisting of Ben Venus, Charlie McLean and Tom Thick but backed up by a host of others. Also runners up in various categories were the Senior Menís team, the Senior Menís B team and the Harrierís Veteran Menís teams, with the Harrierís Veteran Menís B Team in 3rd place overall. Mainstays of these teams were Dickie Wythe, Dave Stanfield, Dave Barlow, Stuart Marsh, Nick Somerville, and Adam Hawkins with various other team-members filling in when required.

In the individual standings, gold medals for the League were awarded to Stuart Marsh (1st V50) and Becky Lee (1st F50), whilst silver was awarded to Ann Taswell (Senior Women) and Dave Stanfield (V40), and bronze to Charlie McLean (Uí13 boys) and Dickie Wythe (V45).

1 2 3 4 5 6 Overall
Glastonbury Salisbury Newbury Devizes Poole Wimborne
U'11 Fun Run
Tristen Goldsmid 2nd
Callum Batten 4th 2nd 1st 1st 8th *see U'13s
Ashleigh Chinnock *competed *competed *competed 13th
Hattie Ffooks *competed
Becka Ffooks *competed
Alice Warman *competed
U'13 Girls
Alice Woods 4th
Leighanna Chappel 10th 8th 5th 5th
Natalie Parker 19th 2nd
Hayley Guest 38th 51st
Robyn Sharp 56th 33rd
Justine Bowers 2nd
U'13 Boys 2nd
Charlie McLean 3rd 4th 2nd 4th 3rd ind
Ben Venus 4th 3rd 3rd
Alex Wiltshire 7th 4th
Sam Hesleden 15th 20th
Alan Herbert 24th 40th
Anders Goldsmid 29th
Tom Thick 21st 8th 10th
James Clark 27th
James Beckman 37th
Callum Batten 10th
Louis Guest 22nd
U'15 Girls
Laura Parker 5th 4th
Rose Penfold 17th
Hannah Forrest 9th 5th
U'15 Boys
Nick Chamberlain 13th
Chris Wadey *
U'17 women
Zoe Kurle 7th
Kyra Hawkins 17th 10th 6th 8th
U'17 men
Daniel White 25th 18th 13th 9th
Chris Ramsey 14th
Senior women
Vicky Tester 2nd 1st
Ann Taswell 7th 6th 3rd 1st 2nd ind
Moira Matthews 11th 2nd
Teresa Burton 13th
Becky Lee 15th 27th 24th 16th 17th 7th 1st F50
Tracey Halliday 16th 24th 20th 13th 10th
Marion Colman 26th
Angela Thomas 37th
Laura Whitehead 12th 10th
Syreena Squirrel 28th 15th
Senior Men 2nd A& B
Tom Bush 2nd
Rob Parfitt 6th
Dickie Wythe 16th 28th 27th 9th 11th 7th 3rd V45
Dave Stanfield 19th 43rd 34th 27th 24th 16th 2nd V40
Dave Barlow 24th 56th 45th 22nd 19th
Stuart Marsh 31st 63rd 50th 30th 27th 23rd 1st V50
Ian Liversidge 53rd
Nick Edwards 61st
Colin Money 64th
Nick Somerville 29th 5th
Graham Collins 39th
John Sharp 40th 31st
James Mellanby 54th 15th
Pete Darton 57th
Adam Hawkins 106th 81st 87th
Dave Wythe 20th
Paul Chadwick 55th 37th
Andrew Deamer 8th