Wells City Harriers Competition Night

May 23rd 2005

Well done to all that took part in the second of this season's competition nights. There were lots of personal bests (pbs) set and many improved on last month's marks. Next competition night on Monday June 27th. Good luck to those competing at the Schools competition this Wednesday

Event 1 - 100m Sprints for Year 7-9 Mixed
1st Joshua Leavey-G. 12.39
2nd Joe Mullins 12.76
3rd Sophie Clarke 13.39
4th Scott Marshfield 14.56
5th Jordan Hughes 14.56
6th Jacob Longman 17.57
Event 2 - 100m Sprints for Year 7 Mixed
1st Maizeie Phillip 14.26
2nd Leah Boushay 14.76
3rd Louis Curtis 14.76
4th Sophie Hodges 14.92
5th Hamish Malone 15.32
6th Ella Watts 15.57
Event 3 - 100m Sprints for Years 5 & 6's
1st Meghan Skeates 15.89
2nd Hattie Ffooks 16.39
3rd Isaac Curtis 16.8
4th Alice Warman 17.11
5th Ashleigh Chinnock 17.48
6th Andrew Stuart 17.8
Event 4 - 75m Sprints for Years 5
1st Roo Black 12.2
2nd Gaby Hillman 12.31
3rd Lottie Culliford 12.32
Event 5 - 75m Sprints for Year 4 & below
1st Harry Ewins 13.45
2nd Maya Goddard 14.23
3rd Bryony Hasell 14.89
4th Solomon Chadwick 15.25
5th Jack Hale 15.85
Event 6 - High Jump
1st Jake Lynham 1.13m
2nd= Joshua Leavey-G. 1.13m
2nd= Joe Mullins 1.13m
4th Roo Black 1.02m
5th Will Norris 0.99m
6th= Jacob Longman 0.95m
6th= Louis Curtis 0.95m
8th= Rebecca Ffooks 0.85m
8th= Reece Williams 0.85m
8th= Jordan Williams 0.85m
8th= Alice Warman 0.85m
Event 7 - Shot Putt for Year 6
1st Henry Brown 11.30m
2nd Dylan Maxwell 7.95m
Event 8 - Shot Putt for Year 5
1st Oliver Alexander 7.70m
2nd Tristan Goldsmid 7.03m
3rd Lottie Culliford 6.05m
4th Gaby Hillman 5.90m
Event 9 - Long Jump for Year 5 & below
1st Gaby Hillman 3.06m
2nd Lottie Culliford 2.96m
3rd Tristan Goldsmid 2.92m
4th Oliver Alexander 2.55m
5th Harry Ewins 2.44m
6th Maya Goddard 2.29m
7th Ashleigh Chinnock 2.18m
8th Bryony Hasell 2.15m
9th Jack Hale 1.85m
10th Solomon Chadwick 1.62m
Event 10 - Long Jump for Year 6 & above
1st Sophie Clarke 3.77m
2nd Maisie Phillips 3.72m
3rd Leah Bowhay 3.34m
4th Meghan Skeates 3.13m
5th Henry Brown 2.89m
6th Ella Watts 2.84m
7th Dylan Maxwell 2.54m
Event 11 - Long Jump all ages
1st Roo Black 3.16m
2nd Reece Williams 3.05m
3rd= Will Norris 3.01m
3rd= Peter Key 3.01m
5th Jordan Williams 2.55m
6th Kimberley Bartlett 2.37m
7th Alice Warman 2.05m
8th Andrew Stuart 1.17m
Event 12 - Javelin (400g)
1st Hamish Malone 19.20m
2nd Jordan Hughes 17.65m
3rd Leah Bowhay 13.15m
4th Scott Marshfield 11.30m
5th Andrew Stuart 10.60m
6th Peter Key 10.35m
7th Isaac Curtis 9.75m
8th Kimberley Bartlett 8.75m
9th Hattie Ffooks 8.40m
Event 13 - 400m for Year 5 & below
1st Will Norris 1.18.3
2nd Tristan Goldsmid 1.19.6
3rd Oliver Alexander 1.36.0
4th Harry Ewins 1.41.4
5th Ashleigh Chinnock 1.42.3
6th Solomon Chadwick 1.47.2
7th Maya Goddard 1.49.2
8th Bryony Hasell 1.50.1
9th Jack Hale 1.51.9
Event 14 - 400m for Year 6 & above
1st Louis Curtis 1.17.4
2nd Scott Marshfield 1.18.3
3rd Mazeie Phillips 1.20.8
4th Sophie Clarke 1.24.7
5th Hamish Malone 1.26.1
6th Meghan Skeates 1.26.9
7th Jacob Longman 1.27.4
8th Henry Brown 1.30.1
9th Isaac Curtis 1.34.2
10th Dylan Maxwell 1.34.8
11th Jordan Hughes 1.35.3
Event 15 - 800m for all ages (both races)
1st Joshua Leavey G. 2.34.1
2nd Joe Mullins 2.47.6
3rd Louis Curtis 3.07.1
4th Jake Lynham 3.07.6
5th Tristan Goldsmid 3.08.3
6th Scott Marshfield 3.11.1
7th Jordan Hughes 3.15.1
8th Hamish Malone 3.18.1
9th Jacob Longman 3.20.3
10th Hattie Ffooks 3.29.9
11th Henry Brown 3.32.4
12th Isaac Curtis 3.32.8
13th Oliver Alexander 3.35.8
14th Dylan Maxwell 3.49.1
15th DNF
16th DNF

We will present awards to the top overall boy & girl at the next training session on Monday June 6th. There will be no training session at Millfield track on Bank Holiday Monday May 30th

Good luck to those competing at the Schools competition this Wednesday.

Coaches of Wells City Harriers