Wednesday Sessions

The traditional WCH Club Night for Seniors is every Wednesday. This is a mixture of training, exercising and socialising

The aim of this is to experience a challenging and varied mix of running activities, helped by the support of fellow club members.

The usual venue is the Wells Rugby Club next to the Wells Leisure Centre, Charter Way.  Meet 6.30 for 6.45pm


Remember, there is also the Tuesday evening session that caters for seniors and Year 8 upwards juniors based around a harder reps/pyramid session on grass or track at Millfield Athletics Arena. Some seniors do both sessions. Juniors meet on Monday nights at Millfield Athletics Arena. See separate session descriptions.


Running Groups

There are usually 2-3 running groups, catering for different abilities and needs.  You can choose which one to go along with, or start a new one yourself - there are no hard and fast rules.

  • The Fast Group is usually runners who are capable of keeping up a good pace, and want to be challenged by tougher courses.
  • The Steady Group goes at a more relaxed pace, but still gets to some excellent parts of the city and its environs.
  • The Intermediate Group is for those who may have "graduated" from the Steady Group, but do not yet feel strong enough to go with the Fast Group.  This group is mainly those who want to develop their fitness and stamina for events such as half marathons. (see below)


What we do

  •  Summer Runs are usually cross country, using local knowledge to get some of best scenery in Somerset.  We include Ebbor Gorge, King's Castle Wood and many more.  Most months we will have pub run somewhere in the area when all groups get together for a more social gathering.  Some of these may be a Hash Run to add a bit of fun!
  • Winter Runs usually involve some well lit road circuits of Wells, but this is mixed with optional hill reps or road reps to build up stamina and to get a bit of variety.
  • The 5K Series run every month with either the Street Winter Series or the Summer Yeovilton Series, both of which take place on the second Wednesday of the month (see Fixtures page).